metanexusinstitute: advertising

Metanexus offers space for paid advertisers on our web site. The site receives upwards of 1,000 visitors a day.

Format & Submission The space we provide advertisements is 130 pixels wide x 130 pixels high. The ad should be in either "jpeg" or "gif" format and be exactly this size. We accept animated “gif” files, and may consider flash animations on a case by case basis.

You may email the ad to editor (at)

Ad Rotation Ads will appear on the right-side ad panel of each page of the web site. On the home page ads will appear in random rotation. Each page reload will display an additional group of ads.

When one of your ads appears on a specific homepage load, it will continue to appear on that page as long as the page is not "refreshed" or "reloaded." All ads appear on the internal pages of the Metanexus.

Pricing The charge of ads is $350.00 per month. Please contact editor (at) to discuss billing.

Ad Design We would be glad to design your ad for you for a design fee of $75. Please contact editor (at) to discuss.

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